Previous Conferences

The 1st World Conference 1987

Venue Kyoto, Japan
Date November 18-21, 1987
Theme Historical Cities in the 21st Century - Tradition and Creativity

Number of participating cities: 26 (25 countries)

Non member cities from abroad

  • Alexandria (Egypt), Amsterdam (Netherland), Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Cologne (Germany), Cracow (Poland), Florence (Italy), Guadalajara (Mexico), Gyeongju (South Korea), Hanoi (Viet Nam), Istanbul (Turkey), Kaesong (North Korea), Katmandu (Nepal), Kiev (Ukraine), Kyoto (Japan), Lisbon (Portugal), London (UK), Paris (France), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Varanasi (India), Vienna (Austria), Xian (China), Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Zagreb (Croatia), Zurich (Switzerland)

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