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Vyas Municipality is located in the central part of Nepal(Tanahun), and its 248.00 square kilometers are divided into 14 wards. Vyas is the home of 22,000 families with around 80,000 permanent residents.

The name Vyas Municipality came from Vyasa Rishi who was born in Vyas cave located in Vyas Municipality. He is traditionally regarded as the author of the epic "Mahabharata". Vyas's birth name is Krishna Dvaipayana, which possibly refers to his dark complexion and birthplace, although he is more commonly known as "Veda Vyasa" (Veda Vyāsa) as he has compiled the single, eternal Veda into four
separate books — Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda.

Vyas Municipality