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Corinth, a city with a rich historical background, is home to approximately 60,000 inhabitants today. It is located just 80 km from Athens. During the 7th century BC, Corinth was a powerful city-state, exerting influence through its colonies in Greece and South Italy. At that time, it was renowned for the Diolkos, an 8 km long road that enabled boats to be transported over land, thereby avoiding the long and perilous sea journey around the Peloponnese. This innovation facilitated communication between Western and Eastern civilizations. Since the late 19th century, a canal has been operating in the same area. Corinth was a melting pot of different civilizations. The Apostle Paul wrote two letters to the Corinthians, focusing on the theme of love, and he also visited the city. Today, visitors can admire marvelous ancient monuments such as the Temple of Apollo, the god of music and light, and the unique Acrocorinth Fortress.

Corinth Municipality