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Taichung City is located in the center of west side of Taiwan Island. Its name also derives from this geographic fact which means “the middle of Taiwan Island” in Chinese. Due to its geographic location, Taichung has a pleasant climate, resulting in several prehistorical cultural sites such as the Niumatou Site and Huilai Site. In the 17th century, Taichung was once a trade and exchange center. From the 1920s, the “Taiwan Cultural Association,” which is considered to be the spark for the rise of the enlightenment movement. They chose Taichung as their base of operations, which gathered a lot of intellectuals. Taichung therefore gradually came to be called “the city of culture,” and has numerous historical sites and former residences of those intellectuals. Currently Taichung has more than 100 historical sites and buildings, many of which have turned into the highlights of Taichung after revitalization.

Taichung Municipality